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Healthcare Associated Infections have plagued our healthcare system since the introduction of the discipline of medicine. In 1847, Ignaz Semmelweis presented evidence that childbed fever (streptococcal infection) was spread from person-to-person on the unclean hands of healthcare workers. Florence Nightingale, in the 1800's, also demonstrated that unsanitary conditions in field hospitals lead to the death of many soldiers; deaths that could have been prevented.

The establishment of hospital-based infection control programs began in the 1960's and increased substantially during the 1970's. The national Association of Practitioners in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) was formed in 1972. The professional society was formed to provide practitioners with continuing professional interaction, education, and growth. A certifying program (CIC) based on the practitioners' education, experience, and test scores followed in 1980, further establishing infection control as a professional career. By the 1990's, virtually all U.S. hospitals had established an infection prevention and control program (Dixon, R.E., MMWR 2011).

The Bluegrass APIC Chapter was formed on July 7, 1977. This chapter is one of three chapters in Kentucky and serves Infection Prevention staff from Central and Eastern KY. Bluegrass APIC is a very active chapter and meets monthly. The chapter provides professional support, networking, educational training opportunities (including some financial support if needed), and scholarships.